About Us

[we are] ALL-IN
We are passionate about Jesus. He is not just a part of our lives, he is everything.
We will respond to Him with an untamed, Spirit-led, all in, yes!
[we are] SENT
 The church is not a building, but a movement.
We are sent to love our neighbors and partner with God on His mission to redeem the world.
[we are] ONE FAMILY
 We adopt each other and disciple one another in relational community.
Our love for each other is a reflection of God’s love for us.
 Everything we have belongs to God – our resources, our time, our gifts – everything.
We live our lives with open hands and open hearts.
We enjoy life because we know God delights in us. We have fun. We laugh. We celebrate.

What You Can Expect:

 A Casual Comfortable Atmosphere
We believe church should be a place where you can be yourself, where you are more important than how you dress or where you work. We believe church should be a place where you can relax and feel at home.


Genuine Community
Relationships—to know and be known. Where one can be honest and still be accepted. Where friends share victories and failures. Where each one is truly cared for. As a church of small groups, the development of genuine community is at the core of everything we do, and there is a place for you, too.


Meaningful Worship
Our weekend services are a celebration of our Living Lord. Vibrant contemporary music and powerful times of prayer help us draw closer to God and give expression to our worship. Your spirit will be lifted and refreshed.


Encouragement in Personal Growth
The development of the total person (body, mind and spirit) is important for health and vitality. The study of God’s Word, the Bible, and the development of one’s relationship with God is worthy of a lifetime of discipline and study.


What We Have To Offer:


For Children …
We believe that kids are the church of today! Our weekly ministry to children includes weekend Children’s Church services, midweek classes,  summer camps, ministry teams, ministry training classes and  more.


For Youth …
Today’s culture is hard on teenagers, but we believe in teens. We know that a relationship with Christ is central to not just surviving but flourishing in the teen years. Our youth meet weekly during the school year at the church. The first Wednesday of the month is our service including worship, discipleship and fellowship. The other weeks we will start out together for a short message and then break up into Life Groups for awesome discussion and friendship building. We also offer special activities throughout the year such as parties, camps, retreats and missions trips.


For Adults …
We have found that the Christian life is best lived with friends. Our fellowship groups are designed to help us apply the principles of the Bible to our everyday lives. Groups meet throughout the week at homes throughout the community.


For Everyone …

An accepting, caring environment where everyone can become everything God intended.